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A Few Words About the Doors (and I don’t mean Jim Morrison)

Let’s talk about doors. No, not those Doors. Specifically your Patio Doors and why you should consider replacing them. If you’ve browsed this website you should know that replacing your windows can lead to significant savings in terms of energy costs while improving efficiency. You may not realize it but your patio doors have a […]

Party on the Patio!

In Tucson, AZ, everyday is summertime! And what better way to enjoy the sun than with good friends, cool brews and great tunes on the patio! Your entrance and exit to and from the patio should be effortless and stylish. You want stylish patio home doors that operate easily for years of trouble-free use. Olander’s […]

Smart Money: Replacement Windows

unny how it takes far less time to spend your money than it does to earn it! What’s the old saying? “It goes out faster than it comes in!” We all know that’s true, which makes purchasing a house in Tucson, AZ such an enormous investment of both time and money. So when you think […]

Vinyl Windows: The Right Choice

When it comes to windows, it’s a jungle out there. There are so many window styles and brands on the market in Tucson, AZ that you literally can’t see the forest from the trees. While it goes without saying that you want to install windows that meet the stylistic profile of your home, you also […]

On A Clear Day You Can See…

Forever. Who really knows how far that is. But one thing is for sure: low-end, poorly constructed and installed replacement windows will impact the view your home provides in addition to its energy efficiency and your overall savings. It’s just not worth it. Especially in Tucson, AZ where the heat can greet you each day […]

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