Stacking Up

There’s a lot of information floating around cyberspace regarding vinyl windows. Fortunately the lion’s share of what is said is positive. And why shouldn’t it be? Practically since its inception vinyl window technology, has been revolutionary! Like all things plastic, vinyl windows in Tucson, AZ homes has proved itself the lighter, stronger and more user […]

Is your Home “Breaking a Sweat?”

Your body understands how to regulate itself when you work too hard and over-exert: you break a sweat! But did you know that our homes can break a sweat as well? Especially during the winter months when the temps drop into the 40’s or even in the evenings when the Tucson air can cool off […]

The New House of “M”

It wouldn’t be appropriate to say Milgard is the “new kid on the block” simply because the Milgard brand has long made a presence for itself in the Tucson, AZ homebuilder’s market. Milgard sliding patio doors (and windows) are crafted for smooth operation and beautiful design. So don’t confuse Milgard with any other name in […]

Not Just Another Pretty Face

As far as windows go, it’s not a matter of a particular window being “Just a another pretty face.” That’s like saying all dogs and cats are the same. All homes are the same. All wine is the same. It’s all relative. In fact saying that a window is nothing more than a pane of […]

A World Made of Vinyl

When it comes to windows it’s not just about the glass. It’s the whole package. The amount of light, the framing, the materials used in construction and even the labor and installation. It all adds up to a unique addition to your home. Welcome to vinyl replacement windows. Durable and virtually maintenance free. Those old […]

“Please Go to the End of the Line”

Window replacement is actually a bit like speed dating! When you go to see a window replacement specialist in Tucson AZ, there’s only a small window of opportunity for the window pro’s to make a great first impression! And if they don’t it’s, “Sorry, go to the end of the line” while you proceed to […]

A Few Words About the Doors (and I don’t mean Jim Morrison)

Let’s talk about doors. No, not those Doors. Specifically your Patio Doors and why you should consider replacing them. If you’ve browsed this website you should know that replacing your windows can lead to significant savings in terms of energy costs while improving efficiency. You may not realize it but your patio doors have a […]

Party on the Patio!

In Tucson, AZ, everyday is summertime! And what better way to enjoy the sun than with good friends, cool brews and great tunes on the patio! Your entrance and exit to and from the patio should be effortless and stylish. You want stylish patio home doors that operate easily for years of trouble-free use. Olander’s […]

Smart Money: Replacement Windows

unny how it takes far less time to spend your money than it does to earn it! What’s the old saying? “It goes out faster than it comes in!” We all know that’s true, which makes purchasing a house in Tucson, AZ such an enormous investment of both time and money. So when you think […]

Vinyl Windows: The Right Choice

When it comes to windows, it’s a jungle out there. There are so many window styles and brands on the market in Tucson, AZ that you literally can’t see the forest from the trees. While it goes without saying that you want to install windows that meet the stylistic profile of your home, you also […]

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