You may not admit it, but before you re-imagine your home, whether that means new furniture, drapes, or a new pool, you try to weigh out whether the project is really worth the time and effort (oh yeah, and money. Let’s not forget that). To that end, the task of upgrading your windows can seem like a tough chore, but Olander’s Window Replacement is here to lend you a hand and ensure that you choose the right window that will compliment your home and budget.

Look Before Your Leap (into an upgrade)
Before you start making phone calls and drawing up plans, consider the structural aspects of the project at hand…which in this case is installing new or replacement windows.

Most windows can be compared to a giant hole in your home’s insulation. While a standard wall might have an R-Value (resistance to heat flow; higher is better) of 13-19+, a single-pane window is no better than 1. A gas-filled, double-pane window can reach an R-Value of 3, or closer to 2 once the seals have failed and the insulating gas has escaped.

Ends Justify the Means

Obviously, there are additional reasons to justify window replacement. Replacing windows, especially if the old ones are falling apart, can add value to your home if you are planning on selling in the near future. If your old windows are drafty, you will be losing far more heat through them than a few dollars a year, as well as compromising indoor comfort and air quality. Consider the following:

U-Factor – The U-Factor is simply the inverse of the R-Value (1/R) and zero is the theoretical best, allowing no heat through. A window with a U-Rating of 0.35 is equivalent to an R-Value of 2.86.

Shading Coefficient (SC) – The shading coefficient compares the solar heat gain through a window to a single sheet of 1/8″ glass. In hot climates, a lower SC will block more of the sun’s heat, but in colder climates a higher SC is desired to let in more heat.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) – The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient takes into account the heat absorbed by the glass and is approximately 87% of the shading coefficient.

Air Leakage – Air leakage ratings tell how much air passes through any gaps in the window assembly in cubic feet per square foot of window.

When it comes to installing windows in Tucson, AZ, let Olander’s compliment your style and your housing needs with cutting edge technology and savings that will stay with you for as long as you own your home! At Olander’s Window Replacement, we stake our reputation on every job we do because nothing speaks louder than a job well done.

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