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replacement windows on your Tucson, AZ

Replacement Windows and Shutters for Your Home Security

Security is important, from keeping your family and loved ones safe to protecting your valuables and property. When thinking about home security, you have to think about the shutters and replacement windows on your Tucson, AZ home. After all, windows are a major access point when it comes to people with nefarious intentions.

Choosing the right kind of replacement windows will go a long way toward keeping your home safe. Be sure to choose windows that are made from tough, durable materials like wood or vinyl to make them more impenetrable. Don’t forget to get windows with tough locks and hardware, too.

Window shutters are also important when it comes to home security, as they help in two main ways: visibility and entry obstruction. One of the biggest security risks a home can have is a window with a clear view to the inside. After all, if a burglar can see into your home he can easily know where your valuables are, how to access the home, and even how to get back out again undetected.

This is where shutters come in. Shutters have louvres that can be adjusted so your home gets natural light or ventilation inside but still prevents the people outside from being able to see in. Depending on the louvre angle, you can have complete control over your privacy and safety. For example, angling the louvres up will limit any intruder’s view while still allowing natural light into the home. However, do keep in mind that angling the louvres down will allow people on the street to see in.

Windows are mostly glass, and glass is easily broken. If a burglar wants to get in, all he has to do is break a window. This isn’t the case with shutters. Shutters are very durable, so when they’re latched shut over a window, they provide a strong barrier against someone that would want to break the glass and get in. In fact, many burglars won’t even consider trying to get into a house with shutters simply because they are so tough to break into. You can easily find shutters made from super durable materials like wood, vinyl, and wood-coated polymers. These shutters can easily stand up to attempted break-ins as well as extreme weather like wind and storms.

You need to keep your home safe, but why not also make your home more comfortable, stylish and valuable while you’re at it? The right kinds of replacement windows and shutters will give you a sense of security that you just won’t get with other kinds of window treatments like blinds or drapes.

If you want to learn more about your options for Tucson, AZ replacement windows just reach out to Olander’s Window Replacement. We have years of experience in the window industry and can help you find the best windows for you and your home. Stop by and visit us today at 4141 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85712 or give us a call at (520) 326-2909 to set up a consultation.