There’s a lot of information floating around cyberspace regarding vinyl windows. Fortunately the lion’s share of what is said is positive. And why shouldn’t it be? Practically since its inception vinyl window technology, has been revolutionary! Like all things plastic, vinyl windows in Tucson, AZ homes has proved itself the lighter, stronger and more user friendly than its wood or aluminum counter parts.

That said, there are as many reasons as there are windows in a home as to why homeowners choose to replace the windows in their home: wood has a tendency to warp and crack and you wouldn’t be the first Do-It-Yourself-er who accidently painted their windows shut. Your old windows may look “old” and don’t blend with whatever style your home leans towards. And not to mention that old windows can’t compete with the energy efficiency of the newer vinyl replacement windows on the market today.

Option One or Option Two

Vinyl windows and fiberglass windows are probably the two most popular windows on the market today because both offer tremendous insulation, strength and energy efficiency. As an educated consumer, and in order to make an informed choice, you should familiarize yourself with the materials of each so you’ll know, among other things, what is it your purchase will bring to the table and what each type of window can provide your home in terms of comfort, energy savings and maintenance.

Fiberglass window frames are made up of glass fibers (hence the name) combined with resin that, when hardened, creates a very strong window that stands up well to heat and weather, making them energy efficient Tucson, AZ. Fiberglass won’t warp or rot like wood windows. And today’s technology means that fiberglass frames can be designed to look like wood grain, giving the look and feel of a wood window without the extensive maintenance required.

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Vinyl on the other hand is a very durable plastic material and won’t crack or warp over time like wood. Vinyl requires virtually no maintenance aside from the occasional hosing off. They’ll never need to be painted like fiberglass windows. Vinyl windows provide your home with strength, durability and as we just mentioned, low-to-no maintenance. Because they’re easier to manufacture than fiberglass, custom vinyl windows are available in an almost unlimited number of sizes and styles. And due to the easier manufacturing process, vinyl windows tend to cost significantly less than fiberglass windows.

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