It wouldn’t be appropriate to say Milgard is the “new kid on the block” simply because the Milgard brand has long made a presence for itself in the Tucson, AZ homebuilder’s market. Milgard sliding patio doors (and windows) are crafted for smooth operation and beautiful design.

So don’t confuse Milgard with any other name in the business.

The “M” stands for Milgard and the Olanders team of professionals uses Milgard’s Essence line because it provides a door that is lightweight, durable and virtually maintenance-free. And because neither homes nor patio doorways are created equal, Milgard patio doors are custom-made to suit your order. Stylish, trouble-free and built to stay that way. That means whatever the space and size, we’ll provide you with the door to make that patio of yours something to really be proud of.

Size (and location) Matters

Rule number one: When choosing a space for your patio door, measure how much space you have, both on the interior and exterior side. This will give you an idea of which operating style would work best. Patio doors come in in-swing, out-swing and sliding operation styles. As a matter of fact, in-swing doors are most commonly found in residential buildings and require adequate indoor space. The hinges are located inside the home and not visible to the outside.

Keep in mind, though, that rainwater and other small debris can be driven by the wind into the home upon opening. An additional screen door can be helpful to protect against the elements. An out-swing patio doors Tucson, AZ needs a clear path on the outside. Hurricane doors and doors in high wind areas are often out-swing because of the greater strength it provides when the wind is pushing against the doors. If space is tight, sliding doors might fit best.

Renew and Replace

Did you know that Americans spend nearly 90% of their time indoors? With that type of comfort attachment, when you replace old patio doors, you want to maximize the opportunity to change the size of the entrance. New style patio doors do not have to be the same size as the old ones. Some Tucson, AZ homeowners opt for patio doors to extend the length of the wall, creating a large entrance that gives the perception of an expanded living space. Take it from Olanders (and Milgard): If you want to experience indoor-outdoor living, large patio doors are a great way to bring in more views of nature.

When it comes to replacement patio doors, Olander’s Window Replacement puts its reputation on the line for every job. Nothing speaks louder than a job well done. We value your business and we’re gonna work for it.

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