Homeowners are famous for not thinking things through. We’ve all been there…you see something on television or read about the latest trend and all of a sudden you become Mr. or Ms. Do-it-Yourself. Whether or not you can live up to that namesake is out of our hands, but before you start tearing up your home, consider the replacement window that is right for you.

First things first: There are a lot of reasons to get replacement windows.
New windows can make your home quieter, more attractive, and less drafty, and they don’t need painting. They’re also easier to clean than old windows and with combination storm options and screens, they can reduce your carbon footprint.

Go With a Winner
There’s a reason that most Tucson homeowners go with two of the most popular replacement window configurations. Simply put, double-hung and four casement-style replacement windows are ideal for keeping out rain and wind without leaking. Follow the leader here and go with what works!

We all know the weather in Tucson is one of extremes. Namely, it gets extremely hot! So take Window Performance Ratings into consideration and focus on test results that apply to where you live. If your home is exposed to high winds and cold temperatures, look for windows that were excellent at low-temperature wind resistance.

Beware Smoke and Mirrors

Investing in replacement windows is a lot like purchasing a new automobile. You need to focus on the basics and make sure that you get a good solid performance instead of paying for a lot of extras that often don’t mean anything. Replacement window upgrades can easily add 50 percent or more to the base cost of a window. Focus on features that add value, like low-E coatings, which improve efficiency or double-hung window sashes that tilt in and make cleaning easier. Full screens are another good option that allows optimum airflow when the top window is lowered and bottom window up.

An Investment That Brings High Returns

Remember, investing in replacement windows looks complicated, but is actually pretty straightforward. Olander’s Window Replacement is here to lend you a hand to ensure that you choose the right replacement windows to will compliment your home and your budget. Our goal is to get you sturdy replacement windows that provide a weather tight window to withstand the elements. We’ll make sure you know what to look for in a window design so you can make an informed decision.

We’re all about talking eye-to-eye in plain and simple language so you’ll understand what’s involved in upgrading from whatever your home currently has to a quality Tucson, AZ replacement window that will last for the long haul.

Olander’s Window Replacement is conveniently located at 4141 Speedway Blvd. Stop by and see our showroom or schedule a free in-home estimate! Give us a call us for a consultation at (520)-326-2909. Stop by, give a call or shoot us an email at info@olanderswindow.com.

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